Welcome to Evergreen Counselling Wakefield

Evergreen Counselling Wakefield was founded by Leah Lowe and offers a friendly & professional service. Leah is committed to supporting adults with their mental health & relationships. Daytime, evening & weekend appointments are available. If you require any further information, or if you wish to book an initial appointment, please contact Leah (07519 320023)

Counselling in Wakefield

What is counselling?

We all experience challenges throughout our life. Sometimes aspects of our life may feel difficult, stressful or overwhelming. When we experience such difficulties, it is normal to feel anxiety, anger, fear and sadness. It can be challenging to express complex emotions with those closest to us, which sometimes leaves us feeling isolated and alone. Disclosing vulnerability may feel like a weakness, however it takes an enormous amount of courage and strength to seek support with the difficulties that we face. It can be helpful to take some time out and consider our options in a safe space with a compassionate listener.

Counselling is a talking therapy that provides a safe, supportive, confidential space to explore any kind of difficulty, no matter how big or small. It can help you to overcome current or past issues and can equip you with the resources required to tackle new challenges more effectively. Counselling also provides you with the opportunity to become more self-aware. A deeper self-awareness can assist with redefining your goals, values and the adjustment of any unwanted behaviours.

About Counselling Wakefield

How I work

Grounded in the Person-Centred approach, I work in a way that offers warmth, empathy and integrity. I believe that the therapeutic relationship between the client and counsellor is paramount to the counselling process. I provide a respectful, supportive relationship that encourages and nurtures personal growth. You will be able to express your true thoughts and emotions without judgement in a confidential setting.

I offer a non-directive approach to counselling, providing you with the freedom to explore what you wish at a pace that is comfortable for you. Whatever your concern, I will accept and respect your perspective, facilitating exploration of your difficulty and supporting you to make changes in your life that are right for you. It is important that we find a way of exploring your feelings that works for you. Counselling sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. I draw upon a range of techniques and approaches to support you. I will always seek your consent and collaboration in exploring what works best for you.

What will happen?